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  • Walking with my mother

    On a walk together with my mother in Frövi.

  • Fallen Royals NOOFINAL 2012

    Here is our adventure at the NOOMARATON final 2012.

  • NOOMARATON Finals 2012

    We’re off to the finals!! Watching to many films on the same theme, with the same 3 places and things in them.. Like 5 good out of 30. We didn’t win. Fallen Losers!

  • Pre-final NOOMARATON 2012

    Going to Örebro and Frövi the day before the big final in NOOMARATON 2012. Started reading a book about Bergman and ended the day looking at the fucking Predator on Blu-ray!

  • Visiting Fristad

    Visiting Fristad over the weekend.

  • Waiting for cookies

    Emelie is making my favorite cookies tonight.

  • Music video editing

    Editing some footage I shot on Healed together with Sune from JHS Media at the Live at Heart festival in Örebro. Will finally become a music video.

  • Adventure in Bergslagen

    Looking for lingonberry in the forests of Bergslagen.

  • My two favorite girls in the world

    On an adventure with my two favorite girls in the world.

  • The directors NES collection

    Sune from JHS Media has a great NES collection. This game isn’t the best, but it brings out a lot of great memories. Capcom was awesome in the late 80s – early 90s.