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  • My autumn girl

    You are beautiful!

  • Elise

    My favorite cat in the world!

  • Creative kids

    Creative Friday on the tram.

  • Bingolotto vs Redbull Stratos

    Played Bingolotto together with friends and watched the craziest live-stream ever! DAMN!!

  • Fika with Eric

    Fika with my talented friend Eric. Check out his movies!

  • Kanelbullens dag

    I love my girlfriend!

  • Bergsmans video

    One of the most inspiring shows ever on SVT! Famous directors are going through Bergmans VHS collection and talking about some of their movies. More shows like this!

  • Old illustrations

    Found over 10 year old illustrations I made in highschool.

  • Walking with my mother

    On a walk together with my mother in Frövi.

  • Fallen Royals NOOFINAL 2012

    Here is our adventure at the NOOMARATON final 2012.