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  • Breakfast at home

    Breakfast with Emelie and a happy fellow on tv.

  • Traveling in first class for the first time

    I’m traveling up north to assist Sune with the editing of a music video. By a coincident the tickets for first class were cheaper than in regular class. So now I feel like a king and have free wifi! But there could be more room for my legs.

  • February 2013

    Will be screened two times in Gothenburg.

  • A very happy vegan!

    My girlfriend has made it again!

  • Happy new year!

  • Nyårsfin

    Trying my outfit for new year’s eve.

  • 28th birthday

    Emelie made the best cake ever for my birthday!!

  • Christmas present

    Drinking coffee out of my new christmas present and watching the awesome movie Citizen Ruth. Alexander Payne is an amazing director and scriptwriter. If I’m ever making a movie in Hollywood I want Kurtwood Smith as the lead!

  • My beautiful nephew

    Elliot on Christmas day in Frövi.

  • Christmas